Way to the fashion top!

The way to my fashion career. If I’m approved by the school for fashion (ROC Eindhoven school voor Mode, NL) I’ll be there for 3years. I’ll learn to make design drawings, I’ll get some sewing techniques and much more! This study is the perfect study for me. When I was young I was always very creative but I’m still creative nowaday. My opinion is that fashion is a way to show your personality! Don’t you think so? And then I what to go to the “Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht” in English also Highschool for the Art Utrecht. I want to go to this school for the study of the Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design. This study is for 4years long. I’ll learn more about fashion and I’ll learn how to become to a fashion designer, stylist and fashion design communicator (photo stylist, fashion editor or designer prognosis). After competing this study I’ll get the degree of Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design, I can indicate the abbreviated BDes behind my name.

By the way how is my English? Isn’t is bad? I can’t write English … But I hope my English will be better when I write a lot of blogs ;) How knows! And please leave a comment if you’re English… (It would be nice a bit of feedback)

But I go one… Last year I was looking at the film “Avant Coco Chanel” my opinion is that the film is fantastic! And when her husband was die I was crying… It was so pathetic for Chanel. But I think this is my last line because I don’t know what to write in Englisch… Next time in Dutch!

Ps. More than 50% how read my blogs is from the Netherlands ;)


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  1. Well, I’ll be honest, your English isn’t very good. I understand what you want to say, but you use the wrong words, most of the time you actually use a word that resembles the one you mean. What I can recommend you is to read english books, for example a book you already read in your native language so you can focus on the word choice and usage of the author, that’s how I learnt anyway. And watch movies in english with english subtitles, helps too!! (Hope I’m not too hard on you?)
    About schools and co: most of the time they want to see a portfolio, can you show us what you do? I’m very curious! Hope you get in!!


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