Fashion Forecast Trends Autumn-Winter 2014/2015

Future, technology

The people wants to know more about what will happen in the future. Industry is a important highlight in our life. The technology and industry improves our life to 2.0 an in to a better version of our life. With the help of all the new technology in the world we’re changing. A lot of technology makes our lifes easier and better. We need to get the newest technology about a few years probably nobody can’t live without it. If you look nowaday everybody is busy with the newest smartphones, Iphones, Ipads, tablets in their hands ore maybe their wear the newest smartwatch.

We like to know what will happens in the future. Strength, movement, reflection but also mellowness. Duality, projection, shadowplay and energy are important words for the Autumn-Winter 2014/2015. The newest fabrics how are made of the best quality are gonne used for the best designs. New sorts of fabrics are getting introducing the world.

In the fashion industry designs are based on the industrial evolution. Just think at molecular details they can used in the designs. Also the shapes could be based on a organ of a human. The shapes are new and has more fluid forms. Making your desings with a 3D printing is a good emample for upcomming developments. Double-breasted coats and waisted silhouettes are very usefull in the designs. Also extended shapes, cropped silhouettes, sleeveless jacket dressed and raw-edges will be used in designs.

Look up to the wold and open your eyes and look how the world is going to chance.

Fashion Forecast Trends Autumn-Winter 2014/2015

Bouchra Jarrar Fall Winter 2014-2015 Dsquared2 Autumn Winter 2013-2014 RTW MaisonRabih Kayrouz Fall Winter 2014-2015 Ports 1961 Fall Winter 2014-2015 Trussardi Fall Winter 2013-2014 Christian Dior ready-to-wear Fall winter 2014/2015


Over Jia-né Zhang

Student Fashion Textiles & Technologies

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